Laptop Computer Security – How Safe is Your Notebook?

Hundreds of a huge number of laptop computers are stolen each year, yet merely a tiny portion of these laptops are ever recovered! Most laptops are swiped when they’re left unattended in offices, hotel conference rooms, taxi cabs, and public places like airports and eateries.

When your notebook is sold on the road, precious information is lost with that. Occasionally the information, not the computer, is the actual goal.

Access to private political data could have become the outstanding reason supporting the theft of the laptop.

Shielding your laptop computer

The fingerprint reader creates a biometric level of security nearly impossible to break, but what about the rest of us with older laptops?

Underneath you will find 4 useful methods to take care of your laptop computer.

Notebook cable locks

Cord locks should discourage the casual pilferer. Many notebooks are equipped with a Universal Security Slot (USS) that enables the laptop to be attached to a cable lock. They may be bought cheaply at office supply outlets and computer stores.