How Office 365 Helps Schools?

ms for school

Being a giant in the software industry, Microsoft has established a soft corner for the senior school students by offering cloud-based productivity tools K12 students at no cost. This seems to be a brilliant idea from Microsoft which has offered some particular elements of Office 365 to students as well as educational technology enthusiasts. This concept of Office For Schools has become a game changer for both the student as well as the teaching communities. As indicated by the website this gesture from Microsoft could able to transform learning and education in a cloud environment.

Usage of computer Notebooks or laptops
According to many educational coordinators across the world, the usage of PC Notebooks or laptops has become mandatory for students at K12 level. As a part of their curriculum, they need to browse many educational websites to get more acquainted on their subjects. Also, they need to take some notes from referring many online e-books related to their academic studies. With the offering of Office 365, both the students as well as their teachers can able operate a secured and fully functional e-mail platform that can be easily accessed from any part of the world by all types of devices. Perhaps this seems to the real USP of this unique package offered by Microsoft to the students as well as for the teachers. Such a facility enables the students to come to school every day with their prepared mind. Undoubtedly, this is an impressive effort established through Office 365.

Benefits offered by Office 365

Considered to be an evolution of Microsoft’s Live @edu offer, Office 365 acts an extension to this offering and provide many benefits which are listed below:

Round the clock connectivity from anywhere

By using the free cloud-based Office 365, students, teachers and school administrators can access to email, calendars’ and contacts and can even avail video conferencing by using all the Office tools from Microsoft. This helps everyone to collaborate, communicate in many aspects connected with their studies. Interestingly, a virtual school can be established when schools are closed due to various reasons like inclement weather, emergencies and so on. Moreover, this offer complies the Children’s Internet Protection Act which guarantees the aspect of security. This feature seems to be a great relief for the concerned parents. This arrangement appears to be a boon for students who cannot attend schools due to medical reasons.

Office 365 enables the student community to form a whole learning network and thereby make them to carry more responsibilities in helping each other in the easiest way than in the past. One can even interact with the teachers beyond the school hours, especially in the examination times. Office 365 enables the teachers to reduce their training time.

By using Office 365, teachers can also collaborate with their counterparts in sharing many common things related to their profession. They can even establish a group across the globe to learn different scenarios that are happening in other parts of the world. In fact, teachers are allowed to find out more by sharing, rather than restricting their knowledge within their campuses.