3 Important Trends That Have Made A Revolutionary Impact On IT Support Companies


The IT support companies London has to offer are undergoing something of a revolution. Trends like BYOD, cloud computing and mobility have enabled IT support services in London to provide more effective and prompt support. This evolution is a result of the impact of three integral trends that got IT support professionals thinking about what they are going to do next.

1. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Professionals are becoming more and more concerned about IT support in general. While enterprise users have always wished to be able to work from anywhere, now they also want to be able to use a device of their choice. However, security concerns have presented organisations from confidently following this BYOD trend.

In fact, only a small number of organisations in London allow employees to use their own personal device to access corporate networks. However, even if companies do not allow it, employees are still likely to work on their own devices. So, the BYOD trend is going nowhere, and the only way for IT to progress is for enterprise to adapt. Enterprise IT is not suppose to limit the users’ freedom, rather it is responsible for allowing them to collaborate and share.

2. Mobility

Now that mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks have increased in rapid numbers, employees no longer have to work confined in conventional offices. As a result, controlling assets has been proving to be more and more challenging for IT support companies. The IT service management of many organisations in London now has to control three time as many physical assets due to mobility.

However, a specialised IT support team can be deployed to control this rapid increase in mobile devices. Companies can set up a mobility organisation within themselves so that mobile device administration can be centralised and mobile devices can be securely integrated.

3. Real-Time Support

It was a thing of the past when it took weeks to remedy an incident. Today, even waiting for a day seems too long in many cases. These days, users demand 24/7 access to IT support, regardless of their location or the time. When an issue occurs, they expect it to be resolved immediately.

The users of today are able to get instant results thanks to countless Internet services. Hence, they expect IT to provide the same quality experience. This has prompted IT support London-based companies to become highly accessible and secure. Moreover, IT support teams are not collaborating and innovating.

What Are IT Support Professionals In London Going To Do Next?

Cloud services and virtualisation are being adopted by more businesses, which are bound to lead to a change when it comes to help desk and IT support companies. IT support is not a cost-center anymore. IT support teams will be integral in assisting organisations find new ways of utilising to effectively fulfill the end user’s requirements, ensure operations remain smooth-running, and minimise costs.


In addition, it is also necessary to collaborate. To improve the efficiency of project management, IT support teams will have to collaborate in order to better meet the demands raised by BYOD, mobility and real-time support. Both the business and IT support companies London will benefit if they manage to avoid future problems by identifying trends of the past.